Terms and Conditions – Amanda Mohan

RATES (as of 1 January 2021)

Standard: Meetings/ Training/ Education

  • Full Day (over 3 hours) €280
  • Half Day (under 3 hours) €140

Specialised: Medical/ Conference/ Platform

  • Full Day (over 3 hours) €330
  • Half Day (under 3 hours) €165

Travel expenses are charged at 39c/km.


  • Half Day assignments that run significantly over time will result in a Full Day rate being charged.
  • Full Day assignments that run significantly over time will result in a 1.5 Day rate being charged.
  • Assignments cancelled 48hrs or less before the date of the assignment will be liable for 100% cancellation fee. No cancellation fee will be charged for cancellations prior to this.
  • The interpreter is fully qualified and registered with RISLI.
  • The interpreter has received Garda clearance.
  • An interpreter is required to have a break of at least 5 minutes every 45-50 minutes when working alone, for occupational health and safety. Service may be discontinued if such breaks are not supplied.
  • For occupational health and safety reasons assignments over 2 hours will require a second interpreter. This interpreter will source a colleague for the assignment, who will be appropriately qualified and skilled, and whose own rates, terms and conditions etc. may differ from those above. Failure to source a second interpreter will mean the assignment cannot be covered.
  • Booking is recommended at least two weeks in advance. No guarantees of availability are made for particular assignments until officially booked.
  • Travel / accommodation expenses may be charged for assignments at a distance from Bettystown. These will be discussed at time of booking.
  • It is highly important that preparation material – Power Point presentations, written notes, links to relevant websites, YouTube links to be used, etc. – be forwarded to the interpreter at the earliest opportunity. Failure to do this may result in difficulties for the interpreter and a non-optimum interpretation.
  • The exact nature of the event to be interpreted must be disclosed to the interpreter at time of booking. Any changes to the event must be signalled to the interpreter well in advance.
  • The interpreter reserves the right to judge the interpreting situation on the day of assignment to be above her level of ability, or outside the domain of her skills and experience. In this case she will inform those present immediately and advise on solutions.
  • Failure of one party to arrive for the assignment will be taken as cancellation on the day of the assignment, and will be invoiced for in full.
  • The video or audio recording of the interpreting service will require the prior permission of the interpreter at all times.
  • Please note that these rates and conditions are for assignments where contact has been made directly with the interpreter. Rates and conditions may differ for assignments where booking has been made through an interpreting agency.
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