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PLEASE NOTE: as of 23 December 2020, the Irish Sign Language Act 2017 has been commenced.RISLI

As part of this, the Register of Irish Sign Language Interpreters (RISLI) has been established.

ALL publicly funded bodies, and ALL courts, can ONLY utilise the services of Registered Interpreters.

Please see here for the relevant Section of the Act.

I am very proud to be a Registered Interpreter.

My name can be seen on the Published Register at RISLI’s website.

Cormac Leonard, Registered ISL / English Interpreter

Cormac 2021If I have interpreted for you, and you wish to leave me feedback, please click here.



I have worked with many reputable agencies / service providers such as

I also work freelance directly with paying clients.

Sample of Work #1

Here is a sample of my English-to-ISL work, recorded on 13th May 2015. This was a seminar given by Dr Raschelle Theoharis on the needs of Deaf learners with autism. I worked alongside Mary Stringer on this session.

About Me

I am from Skerries in North Co. Dublin. I was based in Dublin for four years after graduation, and in Cork for four years after that. I am now based in Drogheda, Co Louth. I got interested in sign language through ISL evening classes about 15 years ago. I did a Masters thesis about Deaf politics, and then worked on RTE’s Hands On programme for Deaf people for two years as a researcher. I then worked in the Irish Deaf Society for two years as consultant / administrator. My other interests include genealogy, history (especially Irish Deaf history), other sign languages, reading, movies, music, travel and goldfish care! 🙂

CPD Delivered

  • “Interpreting in GP, clinic and outpatient settings” with Tracey Daly; SLIS, Deaf Village Ireland, April 2016.

“Access to Interpreting in health settings remains a major issue for the Deaf community. SLIS expects an increased demand for sign language interpreting in medical settings as the HSE now funds interpreting for GP and primary care visits for medical card holders. In this interactive workshop, Cormac Leonard and Tracey Daly will share their experience and practical insights into medical interpreting. The workshop will cover strategies, advice and suggestions for medical interpreting in GP, clinic and outpatient settings. This workshop is ideal for interpreters involved in, or seeking to build up their competence for, health settings and GP appointments.”

CPD / Conferences Attended

Sample of Work #2

Here is another sample of my English-to-ISL work, where I interpret for Leaders’ Questions in the Irish Oireachtas (national parliament). Originally broadcast on Oireachtas TV live Youtube feed, 8 July 2015.

PLEASE NOTE: As of October 2018, in view of recent issues relating to Deaf people’s access to public events, and provision of interpretation that is not meaningful or accessible to Deaf people, I have decided to only accept assignments where meaningful access is provided.

I do not accept assignments where Deaf people are not present, not able to access the interpretation fully, or where only minimal efforts have been made to ensure their participation in an event.

For my personal blog entry on this, please click here and read my piece, ‘Access’ that isn’t meaningful, isn’t accessible.

Feedback from Clients

  • “Excellent service provided on the day. Prompt and thorough communication throughout process.“

  • “Very professional in approach, client focused and excellent in interaction between client and presenter.”

  • “Very pleased with everything. You made everything so easy and comfortable for me to understand. You were very approachable and pleasant. Keep up the good work.”

  • “I believe that Cormac is natural at his Interpreting skills at stand-up comedy style. Clear interpreter and clear translation of humour.”

  • “We were very happy with Cormac’s work at the event. We have used his services in the past and he is always professional, helpful and well presented at our commemorative events. We would happily recommend his services to others.”

  • “Not only were you professional [at the wedding], you ensured that we were fully involved, particularly in the church and the after-dinner speeches. We both enjoyed your performance in the church; your translation of the songs was wonderful… Your language skills are excellent including your voice over.”

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