Cormac Leonard

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Cormac Leonard


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I am from Skerries in North Co. Dublin. I was based in Dublin for four years after graduation, and in Cork for four years after that. I am now based in Drogheda, Co Louth. I got interested in sign language through ISL evening classes about 15 years ago. I did a Masters thesis about Deaf politics, and then worked on RTE’s Hands On programme for Deaf people for two years as a researcher. I then worked in the Irish Deaf Society for two years as consultant / administrator. My other interests include genealogy, history (especially Irish Deaf history), other sign languages, reading, movies, music, travel and goldfish care! 🙂

Highlights of CPD and Conferences Attended:

Here is a sample of my English-to-ISL work, recorded on 13th May 2015. This was a seminar given by Dr Raschelle Theoharis on the needs of Deaf learners with autism. I worked alongside Mary Stringer on this session.

Here is another sample of my English-to-ISL work, where I interpret for Leaders’ Questions in the Irish Oireachtas (national parliament). Originally broadcast on Oireachtas TV live Youtube feed, 8 July 2015.

PLEASE NOTE: As of October 2018, in view of recent issues relating to Deaf people’s access to public events, and provision of interpretation that is not meaningful or accessible to Deaf people, I have decided to only accept assignments where meaningful access is provided.

I do not accept assignments where Deaf people are not present, not able to access the interpretation fully, or where only minimal efforts have been made to ensure their participation in an event.

For my personal blog entry on this, please click here and read my piece, ‘Access’ that isn’t meaningful, isn’t accessible.